Welcome to Hope Redefined

Hope Redefined Ministries a 501(c)3 ministry was birthed from the passion to love and support women who are faced with sexual betrayal in their marriage and close relationships. It is a place to find real life support, encouragement and other women who are facing similar pain but refuse to succumb to the destruction that this sin can have on so many of us.

We offer support in four main ways: Personal Coaching (One on One),  Group Support, Healing Retreats, and being a Community Resource.

This biggest thing I took from the group was that God cares deeply for me, that healing is possible and faster than I had thought, and sharing with others brings comfort.

Abby, Group Participant

Honestly, [coaching with Lyschel was] way beyond my expectations. I breathe easier after every session. She can even tell when I’m holding my breath as we talk about hard stuff during our time! Her ability to get to know me in such a relatively short time, amazes me. I love how she sends me notes on what we’ve talked about so I can concentrate while we are talking….and have something tangible to review until we talk again.

…she challenges and stretches me to think further and…gently reminds me where I may not be trusting God. She always knows just the right questions to ask me to move me forward.

Laura J., Coaching Client